Free tickets for BrickCon, 7-8 October, Seattle, WA

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Jason at Chowren Toys writes:

This is our 5th year of Sponsoring BrickCon and we will be giving away free tickets to this awesome event! We have total of 12 FREE pairs of tickets (24 tickets) to the public exhibit at the Seattle Center in Seattle, Washington USA.

These tickets are good for one day only and for any of the day's entrance time until exit time, which is when they close for the day. Please visit for more details and plan your trip accordingly.

All Brickset readers need do is enter the promo code BrickCon2017 at the check-out to get the free tickets. Please note we will ONLY ship to an US address and the tickets include free USPS First Class Mail shipping.

It is 1 pair of tickets per household. They are not for resale as they have no dollar value. There are only 12 pairs so only take these if you are serious about attending.

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Discounts at

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Latest >= 25% discounts
71204 Doctor Who Level Pack$20.00 ($29.99)Marketplace-33%
>= 33% discounts on this year's sets
75523 Scarif Stormtrooper$14.50 ($24.99)Marketplace-42%
41233 Lashina Tank$9.23 ($14.99)Marketplace-38%
60148 ATV Race Team$12.79 ($19.99)-36%
41230 Batgirl Batjet Chase$16.39 ($24.99)-34%
41232 Super Hero High School$52.99 ($79.99)-34%

Review: 10739 Shark Attack

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Hello, dear readers, and welcome to The LEGO NINJAGO Movie week on Brickset! As we wind down our coverage of the UCS Millennium Falcon, we shall aim to provide you with the latest news and reviews as TLNM gears up for its North American theatrical release on Friday - culminating in a review of the film itself! Now, on with this set review...

Many young kids have grown attached to NINJAGO, and LEGO has noticed enough to produce a single Juniors set for The LEGO NINJAGO Movie in 10739 Shark Attack. While the price-per-part ratio is fairly lackluster, as is common with the Juniors line, there seems to be a lot to like about this set. With three minifigures (one of which being exclusive) and multiple models for the low price point of $19.99 or 19.99€, it is hard to turn down at first glance.

Furthermore, the set appears to go together nicely with the rest of the normal product range - particularly, 70606 Spinjitzu Training (recently reviewed here). In that regard, I hope to be pleasantly surprised.

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HispaBrick Magazine 028 out now

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The latest issue of the excellent HispaBrick magazine is now available for free download.

In this issue of HispaBrick Magazine we have taken our networking skills to a whole new level:

We attended the LEGO Fan Media Days in Billund and met up with over twenty Fan Media representatives. In this edition, you will find a report of that event as well as a number of interviews with LEGO franchises we did during the event. While in Billund, we also ran into Robenanne, the designer of the Old Fishing Shop, and we interviewed him.

Richard Jones from The Rambling Brick put together a reconstruction of the conversation we had with Bali Padda for us to publish and Stuck in Plastic have contributed an article about their toy photographers collective. We have also worked closely with Eurobricks to offer a new collaborative section in our magazine and on their forums.

But, it’s not only Recognised LEGO Fan Media we have worked with. In collaboration with Kockice we have started another collaborative corner in our magazine and together with their team we are proud to present a Croatian language edition of HispaBrick Magazine 028!

This edition also includes articles about education with Six Bricks, reviews, robotics, MOCs and a lot of attention for the new LEGO Boost platform.

HispaBrick Magazine is free to download in Spanish, English and Croatian, so get your copy today and spread the word!

Download it now from the HispaBrick Magazine website.

Millennium Falcon: Minifigs

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Huw has completed his detailed assessment of the build so we are now turning our attention to the figures found in 75192 Millennium Falcon.

The focus of the set is most definitely upon the freighter, but it is complemented by an array of minifigures and creatures based on both the Original and Sequel Trilogies. Some collectors have expressed disappointment that a few members of the Millennium Falcon’s crew are absent from this set and I certainly share those sentiments, although those that are included look to be of the high standard we have come to expect in recent years as minifigure design continues to improve.

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No more Millennium Falcons for some time

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Millennium Falcon

Millennium Falcon

©2017 LEGO Group

It seems that initial demand for 75192 Millennium Falcon has outstripped supply by some margin and it appears to have caught LEGO by surprise.

BrickFanatics is reporting that LEGO has stated that:

"LEGO VIP Early Access was available for LEGO VIP members on September 14th 2017. It’s proved to be so popular with fans that we’re currently out of stock.

"75192 Millennium Falcon goes on sale from October 1st 2017, however due to the overwhelming success of our VIP Early Access, it will remain temporarily sold out.

"We know our fans are keen to get their hands on this amazing new set and we’re working hard to make it available again as soon as we can. We don’t have an exact date yet, but keep an eye on the product page on our LEGO Shop website for the latest information.

"If you already have a Millennium Falcon on backorder, we’ll ship it to you as soon as more sets are available."

The product page currently states:

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Winter Village Station now available

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Winter Village Station

Winter Village Station

©2017 LEGO Group

With all the fuss and furore around the launch of you-know-what this week we omitted to mention that this year's Winter Village set, 10259 Winter Village Station, is also now available for VIPs to purchase at, priced at £74.99 / $79.99 / 69.99€.

Please use these links to place your order:

USA | Canada | UK | Germany | France

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