Hi, can I ask where I can find Natalie’s CDs and albums? I’m new to this website and I don’t know where to find it although I really want to buy. Can you please tell me how?

Hello, thank you so much for thinking about buying Natalie’s CDs from us. If you cannot find it no matter how much you looked for it, we may have been experiencing a glitch so please refresh the website first. After that, please go to the menu section and find the online shop. If you see it, you may now choose what items you would like to buy. Click that item, see the details below including the prices and shipping fees, then click the ‘purchase’ button and you’re done.

How can I be updated about Natalie’s future activities? Is there any need for creating an account?

You can be updated about Natalie’s future activities by visiting us and no, there is no need for you to create an account to see the updates. However, if you want to be notified so you won’t miss a thing, you may give us your email so we can send you an immediate message if ever we have news about Natalie.

Hi, I heard that I can see Natalie’s videos and listen to her songs here. I am wondering where can I see her videos such as her music videos and live performances and if is streaming her songs in here free?

Hello, thank you so much for visiting our website to watch and stream her videos. You can view Natalie Duncan’s MVs and live performances on the videos section and the songs in the songs section which are both located on the menu. Yes, streaming of the songs is absolutely free unless you will download it to your device or computer.